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Soaring Dreams 1.5

Hello! Gamers and Indie Game fans! It is indeed that time of the month, where "I" the developer fill your minds with updates of the Soaring Dreams Indie progress, news, and updates! Alright, lets get started.

The New - News!

The month of April has been hard focus phase on fixing and tweaking the bugs in both Elements of Alma: Prelude & Book .I. While the initial goal is still to release on steam and other mediums, I personally would like to make sure I am to release a stable demo of both games. As they will follow a strong connected story line.

The Prelude!

If you by chance missed out on last months blog regarding more information on Elements of Alama: Prelude - Follow this link -> "Last Months Blog".

There has been some major changes this month to the game, to better relate to the overall setting and story. For those who don't know and are just now joining, the Prelude takes place 15 years prior to Book 1. As such, you shall play as the Elite Court members of the Central Nation of Axandrum.

The changes now include:

*All party members/allies start at max level (Level 20)

*All party members/allies have all talents learned.

*All party members/allies Equip Talent slots have been increased from (6) to (9)

*All party members have been given a total of 13 Talents each.

*All talents now have "Expertise" - allowing you to level up talents based on use.

*All new soundtrack listing, to allow for the multiple battle maps to feel diverse.

*A mimic world map has been added, this is to visually help with progression. As it is to not be used to reflect the World Map of Book .I.

*New Armor/Weapons added, with the options to enhance them to better customize gear for different battles.

*New Cut Scenes added, to correct the flow of story

*New portion of story added, the storyline picked up too quick and left too many things to question that were only address in the next game. When they could have been address in this one.

*Many of the Battle Zones have been re-made or re-named.

*The Quest Log was removed and not needed for this project. In it's place there has been a simpler quest tracker added.

Mission Zones / Redesigns

Gorgeen Village - Old, New and New Interior.

A village that is placed on the borders of the Holy Capital of Velticia, protected by the loyal Templars and Curators of Velticia.

Lindurg Highport - Old, New

The well known central location for those who place their trade in sailing the seas of Hal'Veshja. Even the likes of pirates can find their place in the city port of Lindurg.

Temple of Aegis - New Zone

It's said that the original birth of the Scholar Vocation was here. The mother, who discovered a way to read runes and awaken their latent talent. Shared her findings and brought it back to the West, and began the Grand Xandres Studium

Valley De Flores - located along the boarder of Wershdale, and Wershdale Marshlands. The Valley De Flores, was hand picked by the Queen of Axandrum Olma.

Wershdale Marsh - The marshland that acts as the main road to the village of Wershdale. This marshland had remained untouched by the world for so long.

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