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Soaring Dreams 1.4

Hello! Gamers and Indie Game fans! It is indeed that time of the month, where "I" the developer fill your minds with updates of the Soaring Dreams Indie progress, news, and updates! Alright, lets get started.

The New - News!

While things have indeed been on a rough and busy slope with new changes in the personal world. The development stages are still going strong. For the month of February, a lot of the focus was placed on the background workings. Such as new damage formulas, skill balancing, new plugins along with adjustments to previous ones.

With the back ground work being the major focus, there was still major workings being done on the front work. Such as redesigning the flow of maps, environment lighting, and even newer soundtracks. Most of all, there has been a bigger focus on art work. With major changes to both Elements of Alma: Prelude & Book 1 logo art work

With that said, lets move on to the first topic!

The Prelude!

Originally, Elements of Alma: "Prelude" was referred to as "Shades of Tragedy". While this still holds true, the decision to shorten it to Prelude seemed more reasonable for the future of the series.

Since the project has begun, much has changed to help it hold it's relevance to players. For those that are unware of the arc for the Prelude you can head over to

the Home page --> Elements Of Alma: Prelude.

With the Prelude being a short introduction into the series, and playing different from the Book 1 part of the series. There has been major playstyle changes made through the past month.

While continuing with the 5 main characters, allowing a party size of up to 6 with guest characters. Decided to go with all characters start at the max level, and the player levels up the characters Skills & Gear through out the game play. With game being heavily focus on following the core story line for setting the stage, the only feel for "Side" events comes from running the non story Missions and being placed in those zones. Although they are not main story related, they still connect to the main story and the series in whole.

The Mission Zones - Prelude

The Prelude plays like a dungeon crawler, with The Crown City acting as the central hub. As there is no world map to actually explore, there is a mock one to represent Missions that have been reached and mimic a tier system. This was implemented to give a visual appeal to progression. Still in the testing phase to ensure it functions smoothly. This progression map is in no reflection of the true world map implemented for Book 1, images to come soon.

Mission Zones / Redesigns

Gorgeen Village - Old, New and New Interior.

A village that is placed on the borders of the Holy Capital of Velticia, protected by the loyal Templars and Curators of Velticia.

Lindurg Highport - Old, New

The well known central location for those who place their trade in sailing the seas of Hal'Veshja. Even the likes of pirates can find their place in the city port of Lindurg.

Temple of Aegis - New Zone

It's said that the original birth of the Scholar Vocation was here. The mother, who discovered a way to read runes and awaken their latent talent. Shared her findings and brought it back to the West, and began the Grand Xandres Studium

Valley De Flores - located along the boarder of Wershdale, and Wershdale Marshlands. The Valley De Flores, was hand picked by the Queen of Axandrum Olma.

Wershdale Marsh - The marshland that acts as the main road to the village of Wershdale. This marshland had remained untouched by the world for so long.

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