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Soaring Dreams 1.2

Hello! Gamers and Indie Game fans! It is indeed that time of the month, where "I" the developer fill your minds with updates of the Soaring Dreams Indie progress, news, and updates! Alright, lets get started.

The Status!

The month of September has indeed been a long hard road for the project.

With that said, I greatly appreciate those who are sticking through the rough patch. As I've stated in the past, although the projects are built in RPG Maker MV I still aim to bring to the community a decent and worthy of playing story and game. With of course the hopes that you the community will stick by and watch things grow, as always your inputs are forever welcomed!


Onto the topic everyone has likely come for? Release!?, yes there was the schedule and planed release dates for the month of September. Yet things did not go as planned, there were many hurdles that came about that I did not see coming.

Does that mean there won't be any game this year? Not at all, although I've yet to take a "break" from working out the last min kinks in the games or in the Steam Store Page. I refuse to let this carry over into next year, perhaps it would be a nice Christmas present for the community?

With that, lets talk about the plans and avenue's for release that will be approached first.

The first two places the release will be set for is. Itch.io & Steam.

As of present time, the Itch page is all set up and ready, their will be of course the option to pay for the games demo, not mandatory. The price for the first game has already be set and determined, and will be posted. With Itch, being ready sooner than the Steam page, advertisement will began shortly in the coming days.

As a reminder to those who might be newly following.

The first game is the Prelude, a short and quick game to help introduce the stage to the main game that will take part in "Elements of Alma: The Soul Bearers".

Which will be release Episodically with the chapters being treated as "expansions" with a price, and the Chapters having small free patches done extending the story or content. Prices have not been determined just yet.

Elements Of Alma: Shades of Tragedy - Home

Book One!?

So yes, there was mention of a playable Demo for Book One and I do plan to stick to that. So far Book One is completing it's first chapter, working on gauging on where to begin the demo and where to call to an end. With so much more content now being put into the game, along with the world finally opening up to the player to explore. There is so much for them to see, and experience. After already restricting the player in the Prelude I find it hard to restrict the player once more again. Yet things are being tested out and set into place at the same time as the polish for the Prelude.

As promised, this Demo will be released shortly after the release of the Prelude full game.

As usual thank you for stopping by!

The support is always welcomed!


Twitter - @GiaDream27

Happy Gaming!

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