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Springing Ahead!

Hello! Gamer's and Indie Game fan's! It is indeed that time of the month, where "I" the developer fill your minds with updates of the "Soaring Dreams Indie" progress, news, and updates! Alright lets get started.

Elements of Alma: Shades of Tragedy

"Previous Blog" & "Elements of Alma: SoT Page"

For those who are unaware, please follow the link to the previous blog & project home page for more information. To sum up last months blog, there was an Alpha demo release for the project "Elements of Alma: Shades of Tragedy". With that the release of the first official game/story trailer for the game. Progress continues, and it remains slated for release for the Summer of 2018. As mentioned in the previous blog, there will also be a Demo of the first full game "Elements of Alma: The Soul Bearers", upon release of the prequel game. In the mean time, there will still be shared updates of both game projects, with a Beta release of EoT:SoT coming soon. To be announced.

Elements of Alma: The Soul Bearers

"Elements of Alma: The Soul Bearers Page"

Following the events of the prequel game, Elements of Alma:Shades of Tragedy. The first full game in the series story line has been going well in development. There is still much work to be done, but a teaser trailer shall soon be announced with more details on the project. While there is no demo or playable content for the project just yet. There is how ever a site page, that can fill in those whom are carious. The world of Hal'Veshja, has opened up more to the players, rather than the "Hallway" feel of the prequel game. The world is more vast and exploitable, although the story begins in Axandrum Nation once more. You are now free to explore all of the areas outside the Crown City's boarder, dive into new areas previously only mentioned, new races and their tales, introducing the Vocation & Battle Stance System.

Yulvian Temple
Ondil Keep

Outside of Gaming

It is not advertised as much as it should be, outside of game development. I have re-visited my passion for 3D Modeling along with 2D Digital Art. With the coming of May, marking an important milestone with my college life. Officially being able to step outside of the school realm back into the real world, the time came where i needed to dust of those 3D programs and practice my talents. With that most of this month, has been spent on making new or editing old work for presentation. Advertising, and preparing for the transition back into making 3D assets for games. While working on Exterior/Interior scenes for more real world needs.

Extended Business

The original team is getting back into the swing. During my college years, there was a group that was establish and we formed our own brand company. Things have drifted just slightly, but it looks like we are ready to hop back into things as a company & team. Abysmal Ninja LLC. As we organize our plans on projects you are free to take a look at our original first project.

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