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A New Year & A New Start

Hello everyone! It's Gia Dreams, and finally back on track!

Before we get into the new's and updates! Let me first introduce you to the new brand name!

"Soaring Dreams Indie", unfortunately the Twitter name will remain as "GiaDreamsWorks". No reason to recreate a new account when we've come this far. Some may wonder why the need for the name change? Worry not, nothing to do with legal issues. Just something more to home for me.

With that out the way, Soaring Dreams Indie has a nice line up of information that might be to you the ever so helpful followers and fans. What we will start with the list of the S.D.I associates and partners, that have made it possible for these projects to be able to have a little more life of their own.

Music Composer's

This falls short of the full list, from both main projects. I would like to just give a public tanks to some of the major contributors.

Dale North - Scarlet Moon Productions

Trveor Lentz - Sound Cloud

Alexandr Zhelanov - Sound Cloud

Gregoire Lourme - Jamendo Music

Miguel Herrero - Jamendo Music

Ryan Yunck - Sound Cloud

Plugin Creators!

These fine people have worked so hard in making personal or public made codes so that so many of us out here in the Rpg Maker MV community can either bring life to our projects or even diversity among a sea of many.

YanFly Moe - Home Page

HimeWorks - Home Page

Galv - Home Page

William Ramsey - Minimap

The Art!

Thanks to the work of the following i was able to have the chance to create different creatures and environments to my like.

WhtDragon - Twitter Link

Hiddenone - Home Page

New Brand Logo!

Needless to say, with a new name comes a new logo! Although it's still a work in progress, here is Soaring Dreams Indie logo.

Soaring Dreams Indie @2018

New Area's & More!

Next up we have a introduction to area's that have been worked on but have not been shared on the media. I'd like to take this moment to share new content from both Elements Of Alma: Shades of Tragedy, and Elements Of Alma: The Soul Bearer.

First Trailer Date!

It's long over due! So with that, you can expect the first trailer for Elements Of Alma: Shades Of Tragedy to be ready by the end of March 2018!

Release & Demo!

Finally, the info everyone wants. We've made it to a point where we are ready to send out a finish game, with a bonus! Coming Summer 2018, the prequel chapter to this entire series.

Elements Of Alma: Shades Of Tragedy


Elements Of Alma: The Soul Bearer - Demo

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