An espisodic adventure, take part in the tale that spans generations of heros. Live their tales, uncover the mystery. Follow them to the journey's end and behold the worlds truths.

In the Central Nation of Axandrum, the King has declared an all out war with the Southern Nation of Uhdaga. Leading the King no choice but to assemble his Elite Court, to enforce the law of the land. 

Join Martello, and his fellow members, as they face their regional foes the Norgon's and Bandit Gang's. Striving to keep the order within the land, that is till they are met with a mysterious force. A force that has festered through out the world, employing the aid of the Keepers, a magical clan adept in the knowledge of Dark Arts. Working together, they seek to spare their world from a coming calamity.



Traverse the regional map of the Axandrum Kingdom. As the Elite Court, visits various locations to complete their duties of maintaining the order in the land.

  • Story progess opens new locations.

  • Each location contributes to Main Story or is part of it.

  • Each zone, is home to various new foes. With growing tactics.


Ready your team against foes, with various tactics. Find different ways to take down your targets. While making use of the Active Battle combat.

  • Enemy/Ally Rows (Positions).

  • Ally Swap

  • Talents limited to certain rows

  • Talent level up's for new effects and damages.

  • Mangae your Battle Points(BP)


No built in set class system. Aside from guest allies having pre built builds. Allocate character points to your desire, create custome load outs. Along with gear upgrade system.

  • Equip 6 talents max per character.

  • Select from various Talent types to build your characters.

  • Collect and upgrade current gear, or meld for new gear.

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